Thursday, July 30, 2009


First things first, Melissa and Evan must go tonight, or there will be sour spots in my Top 4. Another week, another lack of grit from Melissa. Why does the girl never get hip-hop?!!! She is an amazing dancer—incredibly talented. But come on?! How many happy, smiley dances can she get. Is it that she would be so out of her element in a hip-hop dance that she hasn't gotten one, while Jeanine has now done three or four?! The "cancer" dance during the Top 8 week was good, but not enough to warrant a spot in the Top 4.

Evan needs to go simply because he reminds me of Season 2 winner Benji with less personality. Until the day the show ends, every time I see Travis Wall, I will say he should have won. Hands down he is the better dancer.

Before I get carried away with past seasons, let's get back to last night. I LOVE Jeanine and Kayla. The two are so incredible and versatile, as is Brandon. Ade is better than Evan, but really wasn't a match to Jeanine in their partnership. Though Lil C said he didn't think any of the girls stepped up last night in their group dance, I have to disagree. I thought Jeanine and Kayla really carried their weight in the superhero dance. They are definitely Superheroes in my book—and if the voting America has any sanity, the Top 2 would be these ladies.

I will post videos of my favorites soon. As usual, read the recap and the Watch with Kristin recap.

(photo via E!Online)

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