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One more week until the Top 10 is revealed, a.k.a. the SYTYCD tour group. Who's it going to be? I always think the final cut right before the Top 10 must be the hardest. Some say it's the first week: Wouldn't it be horrible to work so hard in Las Vegas and get cut the first week?! Well, yes of course. But the Top 10 get to dance with other people, and really for the first time, get to dance for themselves. It's no longer the judges saving who they think America might vote for. If America doesn't vote for you—regardless of talent—you're going home. I think the dancers really prove themselves once it hits this next round, and I am so excited to see who outshines the others.

Let's get to this week's dances. Each couple performed two dances, which is always great. Last night I think each couple (except for maybe Caitlin and Jason, or Phillip and Jeanine) really nailed at least one of their dances.

Caitlin and Jason: The pair performed a foxtrot and lyrical jazz. Though I am impressed with Caitlin's technique (she is an amazing soloist), I have never really liked a dance the pair has done together. The judges said last night the two lacked chemistry, and I think that is true.
Having already been in the bottom twice, I think it's a safe bet to say she and Jason will both be going home if they are in the bottom on tonight's elimination show.

Kayla and Kupono: I really love Kayla. She is the best technical dancer on the show this season and is one of the favorites of the judges and choreographers. After performing a brilliant Mia Michaels routine with Kupono and a Broadway routine (which I enjoyed very much) that the judges were critical of, I am crossing my fingers that she will make it through. Also having been in the bottom twice and having a lackluster solo last week, she may be going home tonight. Of the solos I've seen, Caitlin and Jeanine have both performed better than Kayla. I'm hoping that she will perform something similar to what got her on the show and remind all of us why she deserves to be there. By this point, I'm guessing all the contestants are exhausted, but I want Kayla to pull through. I think Kupono is in serious danger. He is not one of my favorites, and since everyone will be paired with someone new next week, I wouldn't care if he went home and Kayla stayed.

The rest of the contestants (aside from Phillip and Jeanine) have never been in the bottom, so I think they will be safe.

Randi and Evan: These two used to be my favorite couple, but that has now shifted. The two shined in their Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop routine, but weren't as impressive in their samba. I really think
Evan may be in danger because he hasn't really lived up to his potential in the past couple of weeks. He represents a different kind of style with Broadway, so he might squeeze through but his height could come into play as the judges are thinking about possible pairings for the coming weeks. Sounds mean, but Randi and Evan were paired for a reason—they're both short. So what happens when Evan is paired with Kayla? Does that kind of thing go through the judges minds? I think it does.

Janette and Brandon: HOT! That is what I have to say of the pair's Argentine tango and their Wade Robson jazz routine. They were fantastic and I believe, as Nigel said, the best pair of the night.

Phillip and Jeanine: It's horrible that after you perform a Russian folk dance, Nigel tells you he wishes they hadn't thrown that routine at you. I agree with him. I think there comes a time when exploring completely different styles becomes unfair. It was an awful routine, and I wish they had gotten contemporary instead. It's time to see Jeanine do her style with her partner, and I'm starting to think the reason she hasn't is because Phillip is her partner.
I'm not sure I liked their jive as much as the judges did. It felt flat to me and a bit uncoordinated. She is a fabulous dancer, so I believe there is no danger for her even if she is in the bottom three. He, too, will likely be safe given his status as the only remaining hip-hop dancer.

Melissa and Ade: The two have yet to be in the bottom, and after their disco and waltz, I think they will remain out of the bottom. There is no question they would both be saved anyway, if only to perform their classical ballet routine on tour.

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