Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm trying with all my might to find a video of Jeanine and Jason's contemporary dance from this week's SYTYCD choreographed by Season 2 runner-up Travis Wall. In the meantime, watch it over and over here. The dance was by far the best of the night. Of the seventeen dances that were performed last night, it is really the only one I want to post on here, other than the Bollywood dance by the girls.

This season's girls are phenomenal, with Jeanine, Janette and Kayla leading the entire Top 10. If I had to pick the Top 4 right now it would be Jeanine, Janette, Brandon and Jason (the boys only kicking Kayla out by default). 

Each dancer danced a solo, in a group and with a partner.

I was not a huge fan of Janette and Ade's hip-hop dance last night, but both had incredible solos. I loved that Janette's song was about Miami, and her costume was amazing. 

I cringed a little bit when Kayla pulled Evan's name out of the hat and then were assigned a waltz. They danced it better than I expected, but it wasn't anything that blew me away. Evan's solo was kind of boring and I'm predicting either he or Kupono will be America's least favorite after last night.

Kupono and Randi danced a paso doble, which wasn't really that great. Why did they find it necessary to put Randi in a wig?! I think these two are in danger of going home tonight for sure, even though I really do like Randi.

Melissa and Brandon danced their broadway routine well, though I think it's time for Melissa to do a hip-hop or a fast ballroom to prove whether she can really do anything that isn't so smiley. I would love it if she got krumping next week! Ha! Don't think she could get down and dirty like that!

I was not surprised at all that Jeanine was paired with another contemporary dancer, like Nigel said, someone who could finally keep up with her skill level. And of all the boys, I'm really glad she danced with Jason. I think he had fallen off the radar from having Caitlin, who was voted off last week, as a partner. My liking of her fell pretty quickly after week No. 1, so my liking of him also dwindled. After last night, however, he is now one of my favorites. Beautiful to look at, yes, but really amazing dance technique. I hope he will stay around.  

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