Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Top 16 weren't as sweet as I was hoping they would be. Maybe it's something about chemistry, maybe not, but there were only a few dances I actually enjoyed last night.

With a return to partner choreography for the first time this season (as I hoped would happen), Mia Michaels created the best dance of the night—the "butt" dance for Randi and Evan. The dance was very creative and playful, but would not have worked without the confidence Randi and Evan have in each other—a chemistry that lacks in many of the other couples.

Melissa and Ade were absolutely gorgeous in their rumba. I loved it. My favorite girl of the Season 5, Kayla, was paired with Kupono for the first time this week, and honestly, my heart dropped when I heard they were going to be performing a waltz. I have this theory that America doesn't like waltzes because they are so slow, and because these two were in the bottom last week, I got suddenly nervous that this dance would place them in the bottom again. However, their dance was like a dream. It was beautiful and it made me wish I could dance like that with someone. Nigel said no one would stand up and cheer to it, but I was cheering on the inside after seeing it.

Janette and Brandon were great too in their Dave Scott hip-hop. All of the other couples could go home tonight and I wouldn't care.

For more commentary on the Top 16, check out the recap here, which actually has several of the same opinions as I did, and the Watch with Kristin recap here. Videos (as long as they're working) are below:

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