Saturday, June 20, 2009

SYTYCD bottom six solos

Having not watched the SYTYCD elimination show on Thursday, I checked out the solos today to see if Ashley and Max really deserved to go home. Based on the rest of the bottom six, I would say these two were the right choice. I cannot believe that none of the dancers repeated in the bottom six this week (I won't name the two in particular that I was hoping would be in the bottom, and perhaps sent home). With all new dancers in the bottom six, a pair of more-deserving dancers, unfortunately, had to be cut. As much as I hate the thought of Kayla being in danger, it is such a joy to see her dance her solo. She is such a beautiful dancer, I don't think the judges will send her home unless she is a continuous repeat in the bottom. As we move into the Top 16 this week, Kupono and Kayla will be paired. Hopefully they'll get something that showcases both their talents. 

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