Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Izzie, George may finally leave

I consider myself a loyal Grey's Anatomy fan. I watched the first season at least five times. I've purchased every season since that wonderful first one. And I still tune in on Thursday nights for the absolute worst fifth season. I think it's because I'm a loyal fan of McDreamy and Meredith. They've always been my favorite. Oh! and Dr. Bailey.

Aside from them, I've enjoyed the other characters and the plot twists, but then things went south. Like George marrying Callie, then cheating on her with Izzie. Then they broke up and she started dating Alex. While this dating with Alex occurred, she was also "sleeping" with her ex-boyfriend—her DEAD ex-boyfriend. A big, red flare should have gone off in her head that something was wrong with her, but the writers of Grey's kept her dead ex around for the entire season so far.

When word was spreading that T.R. Knight (aka George) and Katherine Heigl (aka Izzie) were trying to leave this season, I guess I wasn't too surprised. Now that another member of the cast is saying that they are leaving, all I can say is: It's about time! I'll probably miss George, but Izzie's character has needed the boot for a long time.

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