Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Very Duggar Wedding is also on

"A Very Duggar Wedding" is also on TLC right now. Five things one needs to know about this couple:
  1. Josh Duggar gave his fiance, Anna, a side hug after he proposed
  2. They saved their first kiss until their wedding day
  3. Josh has 17 siblings ... his family is from the TLC show "17 and Counting" though his mother gave birth to her 18th child in December 2008
  4. All of the Duggar children are home schooled
  5. Josh and Anna consistently wear matching outfits
Aside from many other things I could say about the couple who didn't kiss until their wedding day, the one thing I will ask: You can't say "sexual intercourse" on TLC??? It was bleeped out.

Oh, and there's singing!!

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