Sunday, January 18, 2009

College Dance Nationals

Though many students have been following their schools' basketball and hockey teams, or the NFL playoffs, I've been keeping tabs on the 2009 UDA College Dance Team Nationals (Mascots and cheerleaders also compete, but the dancing is much more enjoyable to watch!) 

Results have just been announced for Division IA dance finals:
1. University of Tennessee (3rd straight championship)
2. Florida State University
3. University of Minnesota (AG, that dance was amazing—definitely #1 worthy)
4. University of Cincinnati
5. University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!)
—for complete results click here

Division IA Hip Hop finals:
1. University of Cincinnati
2. Louisiana State University
3. University of Memphis
4. University of Wisconsin-Madison
5. Florida State University
—for complete results click here

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  1. I love Nationals, thanks for posting! And I agree go Badgers and go Minnesota! Way to represent the Midwest dance talent!