Sunday, January 18, 2009

EW's tribute to Heath Ledger

Nearly one year after his death, Entertainment Weekly speaks with friends and colleagues of Heath Ledger. In "Heath Ledger: The Untold Story," some of his closest friends open up and share memories about the late star. 

Ledger died Jan. 22, 2008—fast-forward one year later, and the actor will undoubtedly receive his second career Academy Award nomination for his (already award-winning) performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Having won a posthumous Golden Globe last Sunday and many others this awards season, Ledger will likely win the award on Feb. 22. At least I certainly hope he does. Aside from the fact that he deserved an award during his short lifetime, Ledger gave his entire self to play the Joker and made me and countless others believe his performance completely. 

If Ledger does win in February, he will be only the second to win an Oscar posthumously—the first went to Peter Finch, who died weeks before the awards aired in 1977, for his role in Network. 

RIP Heath. You are missed, but will not be forgotten. 

(photo courtesy EW)

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