Monday, March 30, 2009

Changes take effect

The Detroit Free Press begins Monday its push toward sustaining journalism in the digital media age. The paper will print three days a week for home delivery (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) as well as daily for coin machines. It will be sent digitally to subscribers each morning. It will still maintain its Web site (free for all, updated 24-7). It will also begin sending free e-mail newsletters to those who sign up. Social networking will also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter, and eventually e-readers will begin to carry a version of the paper. I watched the video below and became hopeful all the planning will pay off. One of the residents interviewed in the clip calls journalism the "fourth branch of the government." I believe this is true, as there is an important role newspapers and journalism play in our democracy. I also loved the part where a staff member taught senior citizens how to use the digital edition on laptops! One was overjoyed at the thought of printing out two copies of the Sudoku—adorable! The entire newspaper world will be watching to see if this model pans out (I'm crossing my fingers that it does).

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