Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Did you see it?! SYTYCD's Top 4 danced at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood for the first time in the serie's history. Did anyone else think the dancers (and the dances) just looked too small for that huge stage? Let us not forget that it is in this same theater that the Academy Awards take place—where movie stars are made. I'm just not sure I like the bigness of it compared to the dancing. I thought the lighting was off, the cameramen had their work cut out for them and the dancers had to make every move three times as big for the audience in the top balcony to see.

Anyway, enough about the stage. What did you think of the dancers?

By this point, Jeanine could go out there and sit in various split positions for 30 seconds and I would still think she is deserving of the title, "America's Favorite Dancer." Kayla, equally fantastic technically, just doesn't have the spark I think Jeanine brings to the stage. In Jeanine's rehearsal tapings, we can even see her personality shining through. The girl is phenomenal! Did anyone else love that for the first time we saw her family in the audience too? I bet they've gone to tapings before tonight, but they never flash to them like they do for Evan's or Kayla's.

I wasn't really wowed by any of the dances tonight, except for maybe the ladies' Mia Michaels routine and both of their solos. I thought all of Evan's dances were weak, which made each dance with him the worst of everyone else's dances.

Kayla and Brandon's Broadway routine was fun, but the table in it made me think back to Sabra and Neil's table dance in Season 3, choreographed by Mandy Moore and danced to "Sweet Dreams"—the same song used by Kayla for her solo tonight. Trying to get a little karma perhaps? Dancing to a song danced by that season's winner, and the only female champion thus far? Kayla and Brandon just didn't have the same chemistry in tonight's Tyce Diorio piece that Sabra and Neil did.

Earlier this season, a judge told Mary she was sick of seeing Paso Dobles, and I have to agree. I did like the dynamic routine from Brandon and Jeanine, but we've seen this dance enough. I groaned slightly when it was announced as their final dance.

And I have to say that there is just no comparison between the talent of Brandon and the "personality" of Evan. Brandon is such a better dancer! The judges talk about it being America's Favorite Dancer, not the best dancer but come on!! What is Evan doing in the Top 4?! I will NEVER understand it.

I don't want to sound like a total downer, as I love this show so much. But I think after dancing competitively for 10 years and watching SYTYCD for four seasons (I jumped on the bandwagon after Season 1), I've just earned the right to be more critical.

It comes down to America's votes, and it is my hope that they get it right. Three of the best dancers of the season ARE in the Top 4. Evan should not win, and really, it should be Jeanine and Kayla standing up there for the title.

I'll search for videos of my favorites tomorrow. Read more about the finale from Watch with Kristin here and here. While you're at it, check out this post about "Why SYTYCD Snagged Four Emmy Noms for Choreography" (videos included).

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