Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kelly Ripa on Twitter

Twitter has taken over "Live with Regis and Kelly"—during both the show and commercial breaks—ever since Ashton Kutcher's visit to the show Monday. The actor taught the "computer allergic" host how to Tweet and she has been filling her joint account with Regis all week.

As both a fan of Kelly and a user of Twitter, the commentary on "Live" about the social networking site has been great! I hope Kelly keeps it up and doesn't let Regis ruin her fun.

Regis said Twitter "is going to become a monster. It's going to be a distraction to us. We used to have a friendly show here but [Twitter's] like including a third co-host," and asked Kelly if that's what she wanted.

"The audience is our third cohost. The audience must be heard," Kelly replied back.

Videos of Kelly between commercial breaks Tweeting can be seen here and here.

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