Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lots to update

  1. I graduated from college! For real. Graduated on Sunday, May 17. Sorry if my posts have been lacking this week (and most of May) as I finished school with finals and commencement.
  2. I'm still blogging about my job search on the UWIRE-sponsored Help Wanted blog.
  3. I'm starting some new reporting ventures, which I will update here once I have sorted them out.
  4. OK, so everyone knows that Kris Allen is the new American Idol. This was the first season that I watched from beginning to end. I genuinely thought Adam Lambert and Kris should have been in the finals, and I liked Adam's performances, but I saw Kris as the better Idol. 
  5. The fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance started tonight! If you haven't watched this show before, start! It's the best show of the summer, and like Idol, is a competition show, meaning you don't have to get to know characters in the same way as a drama or comedy in its fifth season. AND Fox just announced SYTYCD in its fall lineup, meaning there will be back-to-back seasons of the show!!! 

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