Monday, April 13, 2009

MTV's College Life

If you're by a TV, turn it to MTV and watch "College Life," a "real" reality show self-filmed by UW-Madison freshmen. It's so bad, and the freshmen drama is so dumb, that it's great. The show has caused quite the controversy on campus, with the university putting out a statement of disapproval. Dean of Student Lori Berquam said the below in a statement:

“We understand the power of MTV and were initially honored to be considered for a program that could showcase our unique experience. But the ‘College Life’ they’re selling is nothing more than a stereotype that disrespects our students and harms our institution and the value of a UW-Madison degree.”

I agree with Berquam that the show gives a poor "reality" of UW-Madison, but as a student I wouldn't go as far as saying it harms the value of a UW-Madison degree. I am embarrassed for these particular freshmen because they are so full of unnecessary drama. Freshmen make mistakes, and hopefully this show is one such mistake. The show follows eight people out of a total of 40,000+ on this campus. Outsiders should NOT see this as a reflection of the entire student body, and I don't think they will. Seriously, the network has it bookended with "The Hills." How realistic could it be?

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