Saturday, April 4, 2009

Britney's back!!

There is no doubt about it, Britney Spears is back! Having traveled from Madison, Wis., to Minneapolis Friday with six of my friends for her concert at the Target Center, we expected her to be great. And she was! With a combination of our favorite songs ("Circus", "Womanizer", "If U Seek Amy", "Hot As Ice", "Do Somethin'", even "Hit Me Baby One More Time"), her lavish costumes and cirque-style sets, Britney gave a solid BSpears performance! Since we've never been a fan of Britney for her vocal ability, she dazzled as she does best—simply by keeping us dancing. For a full review from the Star Tribune and photo gallery, click here. They labeled her the "ultimate showgirl." The Pussycat Dolls performed as Brit's opening act and brought the sparkle and dance jams that I expected. It was a fantastic show and we had a lot of fun! I've included some of my personal photos as well. 

(top photos via takethelede, bottom photo via STrib)

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