Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Robert! SYTYCD S7 Top 6

Is it wrong that I think now 20-year-old Robert is totally hot?! Birthday Boy tore it up during his "Parachute" solo. Yummy.

So here we are again. Another Wednesday performance show of So You Think You Can Dance Season 7. This week was special because it was the show's 150th episode and to celebrate they brought choreographer/director Kenny Ortega to guest judge. I prefer to recognize him as the choreographer of Dirty Dancing, however, younger crowds will know him as the director of the High School Musical franchise. Having him as a guest judge reminded me of the golden days of the show when there was a rotating guest judge every week. Sigh.

Off the bat—Billy Bell was out with an injury this week, which makes him the third sidelined dancer in a row. Though I did want him to be the next contestant to go home, I didn't want it to be because of an injury. Maybe Jose will be sent home instead. A girl can dream.

Let's dance!

Lauren and Twitch—hip hop
FABULOUS! Way to represent the ladies Lauren! And it was so nice to see Twitch again. It's definitely not my favorite Tabitha and Napoleon dance, but it was a great performance nonetheless. Having her roll like a tumbleweed was genius. Who knew she could do that?!

Jose and Allison—contemporary
I've got to go with the judges on this one. Adam said the concept was strong, but it was difficult to critique the dancing. I completely agree. Jose wasn't dancing at all, and I think it was another sign that he can't do it. He just can't dance like the others. Time to go home Jose. Mia said Sonya gave him pedestrian contemporary (summarized as human gestures, not coming from a technical place). She told Jose that he can only grow so much technically, but she didn't see the growth this week. He can't grow if no one gives him actual choreography! Last week Nigel said taking away Jose's personality exposed some of his weaknesses, but that he thought Sonya had cleverly covered up Jose's weaknesses this week. How is that fair at this point in the competition?! He needs to go home. Good partnering, but it's not enough.

Lauren and Robert—Broadway or jazz, I wasn't entirely sure
Two of the show's hotties together in one dance?! What's not to love? This is one of the best Tyce numbers I've seen, not a traditional broadway dance. Or was it jazz? The judges keep saying it was jazz. Doesn't really matter because it was smoking—did he lick her at one point? Adam said Robert was growing and getting better each week. I completely agree! He is so good! Sometimes I love reflecting on specific judges comments, like these: Adam: That was dancing, man! You killed it. Mia: Nice to see strong dancing to see what your capability is. Guest Kenny Ortega: Liquid movement. Nigel: Loved flow of movement. I wish they could say that stuff about Jose... This Nigel comment was priceless, however: "This program is credited a lot with getting guys to dance now and giving integrity to guys dancing, but I have to say an inspiration for guys wanting to dance has got to be Lauren. Whaaaooow!" haha, Nigel is so dirty sometimes.

Kent and Kathryn—jazz
Oh Kathryn, how I love you and your dancing. You are fantastic! And combined with Kent, it was magical. You can tell he's the favorite with the screaming girls: WE LOVE YOU KENT! And it was a fun routine from Sonya, but I have to agree with Mia that Kent gets a little too excited with his faces. Aside from that, he's awesome. I just love how happy he is to be there. He's genuine and the guy to beat. Definitely.

Side note: Did anyone else tear up during the parent tributes? I totally did. Especially Robert's parents. I love that Lauren wants to be a teacher! Adorable. "Good luck Miss Lauren. We love Miss Lauren." Awww, and I loved Nigel's comment later about wanting to tell his kids how proud he his of them because of watching the parent videos.

AdéChiké and Comfort—lyrical hip hop
Loved the old school Alicia Keys "Fallin'" on this one. Wow AdéChiké's tears?! I'm not really sure where those came from. The dance was good, but I'm not sure I loved it. Maybe he just is so overwhelmed with everything that he had to break down a little, or maybe I've just lost my emotions or something. Hmmmm. Nigel compared it to "Bleeding Love" and "No Air"—two of my favorite dances of all-SYTYCD-time. I do like the emotional hip hops, but I don't think this one compares to those.

Lauren and Robert—samba
My dream team! (Sorry Kent). It's just that they're HOT HOT HOT! I could tell that Robert was struggling a bit, but it's OK. My favorite quote from the night - Robert: You shot me with your butt. Adam said he wants a shirt that says that and so do I! I would totally buy that shirt. I would also buy one that had this gem from Mia to Lauren: "We expect a lot from your butt." We need to start a Mia quote board. Memo to my friends, this needs to happen.

Jose and AdéChiké—paso doble.
Blahhhhhh. Not worth my time or yours. I predict the bottom three for these two.

Kent and Twitch—step
How lucky are we to get Twitch twice in one night! I didn't love the routine. But I agree with Mia that Kent is the one to beat.

The show is still off balance with one girl left. But as long as Lauren, Kent and Robert keep rocking it, I'll be happy.

(photo via Fox)

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