Sunday, January 10, 2010

The 'Lost Supper'

Clever promo photo for the final season of LOST with Locke representing God and the other island folk as his apostles. But, what does it all mean? Is Locke some kind of god? Will the others be as willing to follow him? Is there someone within the photo that's betrayed them all? There's only a little more than three weeks until the Season 6 premiere, and the answers will finally be answered! I've been having a mini LOST marathon since getting Season 5 for Christmas, and I cannot wait for Feb. 2's premiere! If you too want to have a mini or long marathon, ABC now has every episode online! It's not too late to catch up on your favorite season or revisit the game-changing Season 5. It would even be a good place to start watching LOST if you've never watched before! Check it out.

(photo via E!Online)

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