Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The only dance worth re-watching

Maybe I'm too harsh of a critic, but this season's So You Think You Can Dance has been all wrong. I could forgive the lack of America voting for the first two weeks (ultimately, it's the judges who really decide who goes home anyway -- I honestly could do without America voting at all for the first five weeks), I could forgive the mistake of hiring Adam as the permanent third judge (I was a big fan of the rotating third judge. I love Adam, but I didn't realize when he was hired that we would never again hear from Mia, Tyce, Lil C, Mother Earth - Debbie Allen, etc. at the judges table) and I was starting to get used to this whole fall (back-to-back) season thing. But I cannot forgive the fact that the performance finale was squished into one hour, with six dancers and NO SOLOS! The one shining light of the entire season was Kathryn and Jakob's contemporary dance. Tonight's two-hour finale will be full of live singers (which has nothing to do with dancing) and performances of the season's best dances. Other than the one from last night, I can't think of another dance worth seeing again.

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